Georgia Gruner, the founder of QCI, is a true veteran of the meeting and event planning industry. With 30 years experience, she has overseen the execution of over 30,000 meetings and events during her career.


As the President of QCI, she dedicates her time with her professional planning team to building long term client partnerships. She and her colleagues are consistently striving for 100% client satisfaction on each meeting and event that is executed.

Prior to founding QCI, Georgia served as Vice President of a meetings management department for a large medical communications company. There she was responsible for overseeing a department that planned upwards of 4,000 meetings and events annually.

Our Strengths


Your  professional planner will bring their creativity to the fore in your partnership as they have in-depth experience at creating the most elegant of events even on the smallest budgets.

We provide top quality budgeting, meeting, event planning, registration services, and app development to clientele seeking successful outcomes for their programs. The QCI team will strive to provide these services in a timely manner with an ongoing comprehensive quality control program to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Vision


All our professional planners have 5+ years experience.  They are focused, detailed and dedicated to the tasks at hand.  They realize that proper preplanning makes for  the perfect meeting and that is always our goal.  We understand that everything from managing the budget to ensuring the last bit of décor is put out during the event, makes all the difference between the outcome of your program being successful.  Knowing this we take specific analytical and technical steps to make sure all QCI meetings and events leave a positive and memorable impression on all participants.