Mobile Meeting & Event Apps

We do the you don't!  Supported by meeting and event planning professionals for meeting and event planning professionals.
The solution was created to give meeting organizers an efficient and cost effective approach at being able to offer a fully customized interactive app for any size program from as little as 10 people to upwards of 100,000+

Whether you only need assistance with the site selection for your event, or registration services for your convention, or perhaps require everything from budget creation to reconciliation, we are here to assist. 


Several of our meeting planning partners choose to partner on only one aspect of a program and others ask us to take on everything.  We work with you to meet your goals and do that  in any function that best suits your requirements.

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Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though: we deliver results and go beyond their expectations to ensure each program is planned flawlessly.


Under Pressure?  We get it!  Check out our video:

Life of An Event Planner

We offer both full-service and a-la-carte professional meeting and event planning services nationwide. We also specialize in developing custom meeting and event apps for programs of all sizes through Quickcomm. Visit our  other site at for information.

Founded in 2005, Quality Conferences, Inc. (QCI) has been dedicated to providing excellence in the analytical and technical approach to the planning of programs of all sizes.